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Why Choose Us?


At our branch we now carry out engine carbon cleaning. This service removes the build up of carbon deposits in the engine resulting in an engine that is at its most efficient. All cars over time get a build up of carbon, and the more it builds up the more it clogs and blocks up the engine, which in turn reduces your cars performance, reduces fuel efficiency, increases emissions and shortens engine/parts lifespan. Having your engine carbon cleaned can bring your cars engine performance back to its original state. At Eds we charge £54 inclusive of vat for this service.

How does it work?

A machine is attached to the combustion engines inlet system. The machine releases hydrogen into the system which in turn increases the internal temperature and burns off all carbon build up.

How long does it take?

1 hour

When should I have this done?

We recommend to have this service every 20,000 miles.

What are the benefits of carbon cleaning?

  • A clean engine means your car will be at its most efficient, therefore lower fuel consumption.
  • If there is a high build up of carbon your car emissions will be high, which can lead to an MOT failure. Keeping your cars engine healthy is the best way to avoid this.
  • A cleaner engine means parts have longer lifespans and therefore more money saved in the long term.
  • Routine carbon cleaning has been shown to prevent problems resulting from clogged up engines.

    At Ed’s we stock and fit aero wiper blades. These are a more modern blade and are more effective in clearing the screen. The blades are tensioned and therefore flex to the windscreen resulting in an even and consistent pressure along your whole windscreen. Nearly all our aero wipers blades at Ed’s are £12 including vat.