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Interim Service from £70 + vat
Full Service from £150 + vat

This June at Eds we are conducting a prizedraw giveaway of a huge Lego bundle worth over £250 plus 3 Legoland Windsor tickets. We are entering all customers who get their car fully serviced at any one of our three garages in June into our prizedraw.

The Lego bundle includes:-

Lego City Town City Square (includes Tram, Legoshop, Coffee stall, Car Service garage, Hotdog stall, Pickup truck, Helicopter, Lego van, Tram Station)

Lego City Bus Station

Lego City Van and Caravan Playset

Lego City Lego Petrol Station

All Lego sets will be brand new and unopened in packaging.

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Terms and Conditions.

1. Customers do not need to opt into the draw. All customers who have their car fully serviced in the month of June will be automatically entered into the draw.

2. The prizedraw only includes customers who have a full service carried out; interim services are not included.

3. Customers will be entered when the full service has been carried out and paid for.

4. The winner will be selected by a computerized random name picker, which will be recorded and the video clip will be posted on our facebook page to ensure the winner is fairly selected.

5. The winner will be announced on the 5th of July 2018.

6. The winner will be contacted on the 5th of July by telephone. If we cannot reach you, we will leave a message and keep trying to contact you. If we do not hear from you within 10 working days we will select a new winner and your prize will no longer be available to you.

7. The prize cannot be substituted for cash

8. The closing date will be Thursday the 30th of June 2018 4.00pm.

9. The Legoland Windsor tickets are for 3 people, you can decide between adult or child tickets depending on what you need. The tickets need to be redeemed by 5th September 2018 and dates can be of your own choice however they need to be booked at least 7 days in advance.

10. The Lego bundle will need to be collected from your nearest Eds garage, legoland tickets will be sent by email.

11. All Lego Sets will be new and unopened in the box and packaging.

In general, we recommend the Interim service every 6 months, and the Full service every 12 months. However, since cars differ so greatly now, all car manufacturers recommend different servicing schedules, we would advise you to follow the manufacturers guidelines as to how often they recommend your car needs to be serviced and what the service should include. It also will depend on the age and mileage of the car and other factors, so if you give us a call we will be able to recommend which service is right for your car and when it is needed.
Regular car servicing extends the life of your vehicle as faults are found before they become a problem. A small investment in routine car servicing and repair, plus a good inspection program leads to:-
  • Reduced cost of repairs over the life of the vehicle
  • Reducing unforeseen and possible breakdown risks
  • Reduced vehicle time off the road
  • Less inconvenience and less unforeseen expense
  • Less likelihood of car accidents
  • The possibility of greater fuel economy
  • The possibility of increased product life such as tyre wear and brake disc wear.

Our full service exceeds most manufacturers service schedules with 70 checks and adjustments, and includes the replacement of spark plugs and the air filter element as well as changing the engine oil and oil filter. We always use high quality parts and lubricants.

We like to consult the car manufacturers guide as to what they recommend the service should include. However,it generally includes checking fluid levels andantifreeze coolant, the condition of the engine and different components, condition of the battery and tyres.

A full service typically takes around 2 hours but can be more or less depending on the car; we will advise on the timeframe beforehand. You can drop your car off with us and you can pick it up when its convenient for you.

It is normally recommended that a full service should be carried out every 12 months, however all car manufacturers now recommend different servicing schedules therefore we like to follow what each individual car manufacturer recommends. If you contact us we will find out for you and give you a quote.

Upon request we use genuine mean dealer parts to comply with your cars warranty.