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Free Clutch Checks

If you are concerned that your clutch is faulty we are happy to complete a free clutch check while you wait. Our expert diagnosis will be able to tell if your clutch is faulty before we start any work on your vehicle. It will only take a few minutes, and therefore booking is not necessary just pop along during open hours.

Signs there may be a problem with the clutch

Slipping out of gear

If your transmission slips out of gear regularly when accelerating and you have to pop the gear back in, it may mean you have a worn out clutch.

Clutch pedal keeps resisting

If your clutch pedal starts to feel hard and is resisting your pressure, it most likely means the clutch cable has got stuck and needs assistance. Pushing through the resistance may break the clutch cable therefore head to a repair garage as soon as possible

Clutch pedal sinks to the floor

If there is no resistance and you clutch pedal sinks to the floor, the clutch pedal has most likely become disconnected to the clutch linkage and therefore means your car is in need of repair to drive.

How to prevent your clutch getting worn out.

The most common way of your clutch wearing out before its time, is when you ride the clutch when driving. The only time you should have your foot on the clutch is when changing gears and stopping, you will wear the clutch out if you leave your foot on it when not needed.