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Why Choose Us?


Standard DPF Clean £156

Advanced DPF Clean (car is non running) £192

A DPF clean takes around an hour. We use specialised chemicals and a cleaning machine to unblock and clean your DPF. If your car has failed emissions on its MOT or noticed high soot coming from your vehicle, this service is recommended.

DPFs are found in a vehicles exhaust system, and it is their job to collect gases and soot particles from the engine to reduce exhaust gas emissions. The DPF is designed to be cleaned by the vehicle itself when driving long distance high speed journeys such as on motorways. However if these journeys are not done regularly, the DPF does not get a chance to be cleaned out and will start to get clogged up and eventually blocked causing mechanical problems with your car.

Warning signs that your DPF is in need of a clean are:

  • Vehicle has low power
  • High fuel Consumption
  • Poor Starting
  • High soot and exhaust gas emissions
  • Excessive smoke on heavy acceleration
  • The DPF light is on